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Living Room

Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Bar, Portable Desk, Small Stereo
Bookcase Large Desk, Secretary Coffee Table
Bookcase Small Foot Stool End Table
Bookshelves, Large Lamp, Floor or Pole Flat Screen TV 21″-41″
Bookshelves, Small Stereo Cabinet Flat Screen TV 42″-47″
Chair, Arm Piano, Baby Grand Flat Screen TV 48″-55″
Chair, Lounge Piano, Grand Flat Screen TV 55″-60
Chair, Overstuffed Piano, Upright TV Projector
Chair, Rocker Bench, Piano Tub/Console TV
Chair, Straight Carpet, Large- 8X10 TV stand
Recliner Carpet, Small Entertainment Center: Small
Clock, Grandfather Loveseat Entertainment Center: Reg.
Day Bed Sofa, 3 Seat Entertainment Center: Large
Chair, Office Sofa, 4 Seat
Picture Frames Sofa, Sectional
Ottoman Sofa, Sleeper
Floor Lamp
Table Lamp

Dining Room

Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Bench Chair, Dining Tea Cart
Buffet Base Server Rugs,Carpet Large 8X10
Corner Cabinet Table Dining Rugs, Carpet Small
China Cabinet 1 Piece Wine Rack Drop Leaf
China Cabinet 2 Piece Glass Top for Dining Table
Glass Top

Bed Room

Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Bed, Canopy Chest of Drawers: Small Dresser, Single
Bed, Twin Chest of Drawers: Med. Dresser, Double
Bed, Queen Chest of Drawers: Large Dresser, Triple
Bed, King Cedar Chest Night Table
Bed, Bunk Chair, Boudoir Rugs, Large Roll or Pad
Bed, Trundle Chair, Rocker Rugs, Small Roll or Pad
Bed, Double Chaise Lounge Vanity Dresser
Futon Desk, Small or Winthrop Wardrobe, Small
Foot Board Table Lamp Wardrobe, Large
Head Board Wardrobe Closet: Small Mirror Large
Hamper Wardrobe Closet: Med. Mirror Small
Wardrobe Closet: Large Armoire: Small
Book Shelves Armoire: Medium
Armoire: Large
Safe, Small


Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Bed, Toddler Chest, Toy Play Pen
Chair, Child Crib, Baby Changing Table
Chair, High Table, Child Baby Swing
Chair Rocking Toy Box Stroller
Foot Stool Diaper Pail


Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Chair, Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet Stool
Kitchen Table Serving Cart Butcher Board
Garbage Can Water Cooler Bakers Rack
Small Kitchen Table


Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Air Conditioner Range / Stove Microwave: Small
Dehumidifier Refrigerator: Small Microwave: Medium
Dishwasher Refrigerator: Medium Microwave: Large
Freezer: Small Refrigerator: Large Washing Machine
Freezer: Medium Refrigerator: Extra Large Combo Washer & Dryer
Freezer: Large Refrigerator: Side by Side Dryer
Refrigerator: Upright
Refrigerator: Dormitory

Porch, Outdoor Furniture and Equipment

Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Barbecue or Port. Grill Lawn Mower, Push Picnic Table
Chairs, Lawn Lawn Mower, Riding Rocker, Swing
Chairs, Patio Outdoor Drying Racks Umbrella
Garden Hose and Tools Outdoor Swings Spreader
Ladder Leaf Sweeper Snow Blower
Wheelbarrow Shed


Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Trash Can Fan Sewing Machine
Card Table Foot Lockers Step Ladder
Cabinet, Filing Golf Bag Suitcase
Chairs, Folding Metal Shelves Table, Utility
Vacuum Pool Table Tool Chest
Tool Box, Large Power Tools Waste Paper Basket
Tool Box, Small Ironing Board Work Bench
Bicycle, Child
Bicycle, Adult


Item Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity
Small Plastic bins: Small Wardrobe Box
Medium Plastic bins: Medium Picture Box
Large Plastic bins: Large TV Box


Chair Office Printer Table Fax / Printer Machine
Computer Desk Desk, Double File Cabinet 2 Drawers
Laptop Desk Executive File Cabinet Large
Computer System Desk, Hutch File Cabinet Small

Additional Items

Item1 L x W x H Quantity
Item2 L x W x H
Item3 L x W x H
Item4 L x W x H
Item5 L x W x H